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U.S. Destroys 14 Drones Launched from Yemen in Red Sea

The U.S. Central Command announced that the USS CARNEY intercepted 14 attack drones launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen in the Red Sea. The one-way drones were neutralized without harm to ships or personnel.

Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, have escalated attacks on naval and commercial vessels. In response, the U.S. and British warships, including the newly deployed HMS Diamond, actively countered Houthi drone assaults. Maersk ordered a pause in voyages, and MSC rerouted ships via the Cape of Good Hope after an attack on a Red Sea-bound container ship.

The U.S. is reinforcing its naval presence in the Mediterranean, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin set to address Iran-backed attacks and the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Biden administration is working on an international maritime task force to counter the Houthi threat, seeking a global solution.

Concerns mount as the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association urges regional actors to prioritize the safety of vital supply lines in the Red Sea amid the evolving situation. The international community closely monitors developments in the strategic Red Sea.